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Dodge Auto Repairs and Maintenance in Spartanburg

Advantage A/C, Tire & Repair Pro Mechanics for American cars, SUVs, and trucks

Our staff here at Advantage A/C, Tire & Repair, which is located in Spartanburg is friendly and knowledgeable about your Dodge vehicle. They are waiting to answer your questions and get you scheduled for any necessary repairs or maintenance. Our technicians can diagnose and fix a wide array of problems that can arise in Dodge vehicles over time, because we know the Dodge standard for engineering and performance.

Dodge is the sporting brand in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles stable of offerings. The muscular cars and trucks are sharply designed and are icons of American designed torque and power. Your Dodge is one of the most desirable car and trucks amongst drivers looking for thrills as well as those looking for reliable and affordable transportation. Advantage A/C, Tire & Repair in Spartanburg, has expert technicians eager to help you keep your Dodge in prime operating condition.

Dodge cars and trucks have similar problems to those that affect its corporate stablemates such as powertrain performance and AC cabin control function. Chrysler and Dodge cars and trucks are made to be affordable. At Advantage A/C, Tire & Repair we also work everyday to ensure repairing and maintain your Dodge is affordable. Issues may arise, but the well-trained Dodge service technicians at Advantage A/C, Tire & Repair in Spartanburg can handle it.

Our eager and friendly staff is waiting patiently here at Advantage A/C, Tire & Repair to meet all your Dodge repair needs. We understand the hassle one can face without their car, so we promise to work quickly and efficiently to get your Dodge back on the road and you back on your way. All you have to do is call us at 864-585-0025 to schedule an appointment. Or you can stop by our service center and meet our staff in person.


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